Power Window Repairs

You don’t have to live with a window that won’t go up and down! This is a fairly common problem which has a fast and affordable repair solution.

We Repair Window Regulators and Motors

Your window controls are operated by a small motor inside your vehicle door. This motor is attached to a regulator which is basically a specialized cable that holds your window in place, effectively raising or lowering it when you press your window buttons.

Most of the time you’ll know something is wrong with the cable if you can still hear the motor running inside the door but your window either doesn’t move, or falls straight into the door leaving you to do all sorts of inventive pulling, anchoring, and window taping to prevent your car from flooding in the next rainstorm. This “cable” can be replaced.  If you can’t hear anything at all, the motor itself may be damaged, requiring a new motor to be installed.

Tallahassee Car Window Repair

OEM or Aftermarket - We Have The Parts

With today’s chain interruptions and labor issues, dealerships are having a hard time fulfilling these simple repairs with significantly prolonged wait times and exorbitant prices due to an unavailable or limited supply of parts. Their red tape doesn’t have to become your problem.

Seminole Auto Glass has a lot more flexibility and local supplier choices when it comes to acquiring OEM and aftermarket parts for this common repair. Our skilled technicians can get your window back in order in a reasonable amount of time, so don’t wait. Contact us for a quote today!

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At Seminole Auto Glass we make sure to remove and clean up any and all debris from your vehicle before you pick it up.  We’ll even put your oil-change stickers back into place if we can!  If the job is completed at your home, your restored vehicle will be the only evidence our techs leave behind. The goal is to get you back into the same car you had before the damage was done.

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Power Window Repairs MADE EASY

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Getting the process started is easy!  Simply call us at 850-539-4527 or fill out our quick form.  One of our friendly staff members will get in touch to finalize the details.



Once you agree to price and terms we can schedule for you to bring the car to our shop or have us to come to your home or place of business.  Easy!



Let us get to work.  You can rest assured that capable technicians using the best quality parts and techniques are diligently working on your vehicle.