Seminole Auto Glass is proud to be one of the few auto glass companies in Tallahassee that offer this important service, saving our customers time and effort as a one-stop shop.

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Vehicles equipped with ADAS systems will require calibration after a windshield replacement. This process ensures that windshield cameras, sensors, and navigation tools are all re-installed, aligned, and functioning properly. This procedure seems simple, but requires highly skilled technicians and specialized equipment.

Locally, there are very few glass installers that can offer recalibration services, and some will require their customers to have the service done post installation at the corresponding car dealership or with another service provider. Not only is that inconvenient and costly, but driving your car around with a disconnected or malfunctioning system is not recommended or safe in any way.

Opti-Aim™ by Pilkington
Tallahassee Windshield Recalibration
Tallahassee Windshield Recalibration by Seminole Auto Glass

The Latest In Technology

Seminole Auto Glass is equipped with the latest OEM ADAS technology, including Opti-Aim™ by Pilkington.   Opti-Aim™ is the first advanced complex calibration tool on the market to offer OEM precision in both static and dynamic calibration, and it’s fully up-gradable to accommodate the ever growing enhancement of features and sophistication of ADAS system components.

We can re-calibrate your windshield right here in our shop, and sometimes at your front door too. Our in-house affiliate expert, Seminole Diagnostics, uses both static and dynamic recalibration techniques to restore complete OEM functionality to your ADAS system. The method is determined by your vehicle type.  Every manufacturer has their own specific calibration standards, and these need to be followed with precision.

Modern Vehicles Require Expert Technicians

Just over 40% of vehicles on the road today have at least two ADAS system functions, and most of the major components are mounted onto the windshield.  Common ADAS functions include back-up cameras, adaptive headlights, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, forward collision alert or mitigation, parking assist, automatic emergency breaking, and cross traffic alert.  Some even monitor you, the driver, by tracking your eyes and the position of your head while the vehicle is in motion.

If any of these functions are available in your vehicle, you have an ADAS system. Proper recalibration is absolutely necessary.  ADAS system malfunctions could seriously hinder the function of your vehicle, or even cause a major traffic accident.  Seminole Auto Glass will let you know exactly what systems are in place in your vehicle and advise you to the best course of action appropriate to your needs.  

Tallahassee Recalibration Service
Tallahassee Recalibration Service
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At Seminole Auto Glass we make sure to remove and clean up any and all debris from your vehicle before you pick it up.  We’ll even put your oil-change stickers back into place if we can!  If the job is completed at your home, your restored vehicle will be the only evidence our techs leave behind. The goal is to get you back into the same car you had before the damage was done.

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