Windshield Replacement

When glass damage occurs it matters who you call. Seminole Auto Glass offers the highest quality products and the best customer service in town.

Windshield Replacement At Your Home Or At Our Shop

When windshield damage is extensive, too deep, or happens in an area of your windshield that cannot be repaired properly, it will have to be replaced. No matter what kind of car you own, we can take care of your windshield replacement in-shop or in the comfort of your home.

We order the highest quality parts available for your vehicle from one of our three local glass vendors, local dealerships, or the local glass warehouse. Everything is done to spec, so there won’t be any problems with installation or durability.

Tallahassee Windshield Replacement

Looking For OEM Parts?
We Got You Covered

While all of our glass is of the highest quality available, we also offer OEM parts for most vehicle makes and models.  OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means the parts were made by the original manufacturer specifically for your vehicle.    This makes the repair, replacement, or installation process faster, more efficient, and durable – saving you both time and money by reducing the failure rate of replacement parts during repairs and installations.  

If having your vehicle restored to the way it was originally manufactured is important to you then trust a local expert like Seminole Auto Glass.  We don’t put band-aids on your car, we fix it right, the first time.

We'll Work With Your Insurance Provider

Luckily, most insurance companies will cover windshield repair and replacements through the comprehensive part of your insurance plan, and you don’t need to worry about your premiums going up. Sometimes your insurance company will refer you to one of their “preferred” vendors. These are usually large corporations , where the insurance company gets a contract discount on parts and labor in exchange for the customer referral. Unfortunately this almost always means lower quality parts and cheap labor, no matter the consequences to you and your vehicle.

You are under NO obligation to use these companies.  Your insurance will cover the work regardless of where you go, so choose a repair shop that puts you, the customer, at the top of the priority list.  Most of the time, windshield repairs and replacements are covered under the comprehensive portion of your car insurance. This works differently than collision insurance and does not affect your rates at all.


We offer a lifetime warranty on our installations.  Although we can’t keep your glass from breaking during accidents or control random flying rocks, we will take care of any air noise, leaks, or moulding problems you may experience for as long as you own your vehicle. We use SIKA Industry products to ensure these issues don’t arise at all.  We stand by the quality of our work and trust the products and tools that allow us to deliver the highest quality work our industry has to offer.

The state of Florida does not require Auto Glass Technicians to hold any specialized certifications, however, we believe that good training and accountability help us provide you with the higher quality service you deserve.

We are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) and follow all National Auto Glass Specification (NAGS) Specs.

When glass damage occurs it matters who you call​

With Seminole Auto Glass you don’t have to worry about who may be working on your car, or what lot they may have moved it to.  All of our work is done here in our shop or at your home by highly trained long -term technicians.  Windshield replacement itself takes between one and two hours, however, if your vehicle is equipped with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) you will need windshield recalibration service as well – which can add to the wait time. We’ll let you know what the turn around time is before any work is started.


Tallahassee Recalibration Service
Tallahassee Recalibration Service
Tallahassee Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

When You Need It Fixed Right Better call Seminole!

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At Seminole Auto Glass we make sure to remove and clean up any and all debris from your vehicle before you pick it up.  We’ll even put your oil-change stickers back into place if we can!  If the job is completed at your home, your restored vehicle will be the only evidence our techs leave behind. The goal is to get you back into the same car you had before the damage was done.

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You'll be back on the road in no time!



Getting the process started is easy!  Simply call us at 850-539-4527 or fill out our quick form.  One of our friendly staff members will get in touch to finalize the details.



Once you agree to price and terms we can schedule for you to bring the car to our shop or have us to come to your home or place of business.  Easy!



Let us get to work.  You can rest assured that capable technicians using the best quality parts and techniques are diligently working on your vehicle.